Salt Spring Forum Board

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Brian Hayward – Tilesetter & Engaged Islander (Forum Secretary)

“Born and raised on Saltspring Island, I worked in resource extraction industries in Canada and Australia. I then gained acceptance to the West Australian Institute of Technology and continued my studies at UBC for which I was granted an M.A. in Sociology (1981). I spent the next decade in various roles in political campaign management and in the office of an MP. Seeking greater independence, I began the business of marketing ceramic tile and associated products in the interior of B.C. and then worked in my craft of tile setting on Saltspring. My focus has now shifted to the joys of motorcycle touring. I am enthusiastic supporter of the Salt Spring Forum and its enrichment of the cultural and intellectual experience of island life.”

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George Sipos – Writer (Forum Treasurer)

"When I finished high school in 1967 I scored in the bottom 2% of Ontario students for showing interest in a clerical career. Now, after many decades as a teacher, writer, bookseller, and performing arts administrator, I have discovered a late-life love of bookkeeping. Who would have thought? “Excel is your friend,” I now profess to anyone who will listen."

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Jason Mogus – Consultant & Campaigner

“My work as a consultant for social and environmental advocacy organizations takes me all over the place, but it’s the stillness of Salt Spring that grounds all that I do. Sometimes I feel a little out of place, working a fast paced “city job” from the quiet country, but I know there are more than a few of us living this dual life dotted across this rock. I was amazed at the quality of the speakers and the depth of the conversation at Forum events. The Forum helps us connect with other thinkers and do­ers from all walks of life, people engaged in solving the “wicked problems” of our times, and that feeds me, as I know it feeds everyone who comes.”

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Jean Gelwicks – Salt Spring Organizer (Forum Vice-Chair)

“Most of my life has been spent in the field of education: I was a secondary school teacher/counsellor for 40 years. I retired (sort of) to Salt Spring where I chaired the Education Committee of the SSI Conservancy and started, with others, their Stewards in Training Schools program. I also sit on the Transition Education Committee. I believe that learning should be a lifelong pursuit. The Forum has brought to our community the opportunity to learn from the most incredible people. These events help to keep me open and I learn something from each, including our very own Salt Spring moderators, who have all been brilliant.”

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Jennifer Breakspear, Portland Hotel Society Director

“I’m proud to be Executive Director of PHS Community Services Society, an innovative non – profit housing, health care, and harm reduction agency providing services in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and beyond. PHS operates 20 housing facilities and shelters in Vancouver and Victoria, and co­-manages Insite (North America’s first supervised injection site). I thrive on the challenges of my work and offset that pace with time that my wife and I spend on Salt Spring. I appreciate that the Forum offers opportunities to engage with issues, spurs discussion, and incites reflection – and I’m honoured to join the board.”

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Jim Erickson – Oscar-winning
Set Decorator

“In 1974 I immigrated to Canada seeking a more tolerant and healthy society. This I found here. Canada allowed me to grow and embrace the challenges of life. I found myself invited into the film industry. This career satisfied my curiosity of life. The Salt Spring Forum continues to do this. It is a welcome privilege to be part of this group of smart forward-­thinking people who really care about lives, the role of government and contemplate our responsibility to this island rock on which we live and beyond.”

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Dr. Linda Siegel – Educational Psychologist & Author

“I am a retired professor (UBC) of educational psychology. I have had a life long interest in social justice and the Forum is a place to explore those issues with a concerned and thoughtful community.”


Louise Doucet – Gulf Islands Secondary School Teacher

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Michael Byers – Political Science Professor, UBC (Forum Chair)

“I moved to Salt Spring Island for its beautiful beaches, parks and vistas — and soon found that the true beauty of this place lies in its cohesive, compassionate, internationally-­oriented, highly engaged community.”

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Tony Kennedy –Internationalist

“Thirty years with UNICEF made up the major part of my formal career. My five years at United Nations headquarters in New York were followed by twenty years living and running UNICEF offices in developing countries: Pakistan (where our children were born), Guatemala (dealing with the seven countries of Central America and Panama), Bangladesh and Indonesia; followed by a five year return to New York. The welcoming and interesting range of people on Salt Spring spurred my wife Wendy and me to move here in 2001. Nourished by varied interests in which the Forum stands out, our love for this place and its sense of community has only deepened.”