The Salt Spring Forum is a community organization generously supported by people who live here. Local volunteers help us to host events. Local businesses and organizations support our work in a variety of ways, and most crucially, many Salt Spring Island residents make tax-deductible donations to the Forum.

We are incredibly grateful to all those listed below for the generous contributions they made to support our initiatives – as well as to the Salt Spring Islanders who chose to give anonymously. Their support allows us to bring world-renowned thinkers and leaders to Salt Spring while keeping our ticket prices and fees at break-even rates to include as many islanders as possible.

Donations large and small have helped to strengthen civil dialogue on the island while supporting the good work of other local organizations. Donations have also contributed to the development of conceived-on-Salt-Spring solutions to complex challenges. Above all they have helped to keep Salt Spring an interesting and intellectually vibrant place to live.

Thank you to our 2019 Donors:

A. Jean Elder
Amy Adams & David Secord
Ann Wheeler and Geoff Bartol
Barb Archer & Rob Oliver
Betty Ball
Carole Eyles
Chris & Diana Sanderson
Christa Wohlfahrt
Christine Witherspoon
Claire Pickering
David Hart and Linda Siegel
Donna D. Peerless
Donna Hall & Ron Watts
Eileen Wttewaall
Fred & Nancy Powell
Gary Holman
Geoff & Jane McCoy
Harold Page
Holly & Tim Slaney
H. Pummy Kaur
Irene Wright
Jackie Rieder
Jean Gelwicks & Peter Lamb
Jim and Sheri Standen
Joan Dickenson
Joan Farlinger
Julie Young
L. Gilkeson
Laurie Anderson & Jennifer Breakspear
Linda Starke
Lucy Suchman & Andrew Clement
Lynne Raymond
Margaret & Ron MacKenzie
Mary Laucks & Brian Swanson
Nancy Farran
Paul G. Wolf
Ron Hawkins
Sandra Heath
Sharon Farquharson
Stan Shapiro
Susan Evans & Ted Harrison
Victoria Olchowecki
Walter Stewart and Ron Dyck
Wendy Kaye
Wilma Haig

Thank you to Dr. Linda Siegel for the generous grant. Thank you as well to the dozens of donors who gave anonymously.