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Members only salon - Christopher Clapham

Christopher Clapham has for 50 years been the world’s leading authority on the history and politics of Ethiopia.

Apart from its great coffee and the anomaly of its cool mountainous geography amid the heat of Africa, what do we really know about Ethiopia? Maybe a muddled history of periodic famine, civil war, and megalomaniac monarchy? 
But today it is one of the more progressive countries in the region, with a female president - Sahle-Work Zewde - and a parliament with more than 50% of cabinet ministers also women.

Professor Clapham, recently retired from the Centre for African Studies at Cambridge, is the go-to international scholar on everything to do with Ethiopia (and the Horn of Africa more broadly). 

Don’t miss this stimulating opportunity to spend an evening in conversation with a witty, knowledgeable and utterly charming professor in the classical tradition.

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